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Valley Isle Road Runners Youth Cross Country Series
Youth Cross Country Championships -
Canceled for 2020

The Valley Isle Road Runners youth cross country series is one of the greatest things that makes the club so unique. We have more than 850 kids in the youth cross country program, which is the largest in the state. Each year the program is growing and more schools are getting involved. As the director of the series, Rudy Huber sets the rules and directs all four Cross Country events. There have been many improvements throughout the years, our goal is to progress every year. All of this is done with volunteers, no one is paid except the outside vendors or vendors that the hosting school hires and does not cost the kids anything, it is free to participate.


How to sign up - Canceled for 2020

  • Coaches from each school must email or call (280-5801) Rudy Huber to review the process to register your team.
  • A runner that is not part of a team roster may still participate in the meets. All you need to do is show up by 7:15am the morning of each event to register.

Schedule of the Series - Canceled for 2020

Pre-season (no race tags for this event)

NOTE: Check-in time is 7:15am

8/17 – 2K Adventure Fest in Kapalua more details can be found here


Regular Season (Race tags will be given to coaches prior to the first meet)

NOTE: Check-in time is 7:15am and all races start at 8am


Divisions & Distances

Each division is male and female

K-3rd grade half mile

4th-5th grade one mile

6th-8th grade one mile and a half


Important Dates

8/9 – Registration open for coaches to register a school team

8/21 @ 11pm – Deadline to register a team for all regular meets

8/28 – Last day to add/remove runners from a team roster


Other useful information

Want to run another event? Check out the Bubba Gump Front Street Mile in Lahaina on 9/14, for details click here.


Each school is responsible for providing the results of that day's races. Some schools have the funds to hire a timing company but most do not. There is no money generated to pay for anything outside of the hosting school. There is no cost to participate in the Cross Country races and they are designed to give every student the opportunity to participate in a Cross Country event without the burden of cost.



Q: Do you know where I can locate the results for the Front Street Mile?

A: Yes, click here.


Q: What can you do if there is a discrepancy with a result and more than 1 parent has witnessed it?
A: Email Rudy Huber or call 808 280-5801

It's very important to take a look at the results right after the race and correct anything immediately, do not wait.


Q: Parents were told that most of the races had an electronic chip of some sort on the runners labels that would signal a board or machine when they crossed the finish line, which would take out the human error part. Can you share information about how races are timed?
A: That is not the case with the Cross Country races. A lot of professional events are timed with an chip attached to either the ankle or behind the bib number. The cost for that technology is very expensive. The races are hand timed and the timing is all volunteer and provided by the hosting school.

Q:Will there be awards after the championship race?
A: Yes, there will be 6 overall school awards awarded by points for both male and female; medals will be handed out after each of the 6 races to the top 10 runners (male and female) as they come thru the finish chute.


Additional questions/comments or concerns? Contact Rudy Huber via email or call 808 280-5801